Fuel Bowser Hire

In the film and TV industry and in need of a fuel bowser hire solution? Look no further than SETSUPPLIES.

We specialise in providing fuel bowser hire services to the film and TV industry, and our team has the expertise and experience to ensure that your production has access to the fuel it needs to run smoothly.

All of our fuel bowsers are reliable, compliant with all safety regulations, and regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance. We also provide fuel cube hire.

Contact SETSUPPLIES today to discuss your fuel bowser hire needs and get a quote.


950L Bunded Diesel Site Tow Bowser

This 950 litre fuel bowser is constructed from a polyethylene inner tank to ensure a clean fuel storage solution, secured in a steel outer bund. The 950 litre fuel bowser is fully U.N. certified for 10 YEARS for the storage and transportation of fuel. This fuel bowser comes with lockable rear door, four lifting points and two fork sockets. Complete with a fully welded single axle site towable trailer. The A-frame trailer is manufactured from steel and then galvanised as standard.

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950 Litre Highway Diesel  Bowser

Diesel fuel tanks are usually made of top-quality materials, making them highly durable and safer to use. They are a better option than the steel fuel tank that is subject to rust and corrosion when left outside for long periods. Steel fuel tank damage could potentially be harmful to your generator as its bodily damages could easily mix with the fuel and reduce its potency and efficiency.

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900 Litre Fuel Cube

This 900 litre steel bunded fuel cube is available with a variety of dispensing equipment installed to suit every individuals requirements. You can choose from a hand pump, 12v 50lpm or 230v 56lpm dispensing equipment package. They also come with a set of generator feed and returns to enable a wide range of usages. Please contact us for a quote or for more information.

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Western Transcube Global 10TCG

The Transcube Global 910 Litre is a fully transportable diesel tank which is approved for transport of diesel fuel under ADR Regulations. The Transcube Global is fully bunded steel in steel to ensure environmental compliance with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2). Transcube Globals also have 3 sets of ports meaning you can run 3 generators and pump diesel all at the same time.

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