Waste & Recycling Services

As a film or TV production, managing waste and recycling can be a complex task. That's where SETSUPPLIES comes in.

We offer comprehensive waste and recycling services to the film and TV industry, helping you to efficiently and sustainably dispose of waste on set.

Our team is dedicated to providing reliable and environmentally-friendly solutions that meet the unique needs of your production.

Contact SETSUPPLIES today to discuss your waste and recycling needs and keep your film or TV production green.


Grey Refuse Bins

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Green Refuse Bins

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Colour-coded recycle bins.

These bins can be used to segregate your waste for recycling.
We collect and recycle general waste, paper and cardboard, glass, plastic and tins.
Make sure your production is 'green' and sustainable.

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Daily waste and waste water real all on one trailers.

Save on the production the cost of moving 3 x separate vehicles (waster bowser, water bowser and rubbish trailer)
We can provide as many of these trailers as is required for your production…
We also provide separate recycling bins for genral waste, paper and cardboard as well as glass, plastics and tins.

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