fuel delivery service


Fuel Delivery Service

SETSUPPLIES offer fuel delivery services for the film and TV industry - essential for keeping production equipment and vehicles running smoothly on set.

Whether you need petrol, diesel, or propane, out reliable fuel delivery service provides timely and cost-effective fuel replenishment to keep your shoot on schedule. If you're looking for a fuel delivery service that has experience working with the film and TV industry who understand the unique needs and demands of your production, the SETSUPPLIES is the solution you're looking for.

SETSUPPLIES has a proven track record of safety and reliability, as fuel handling can be a hazardous task. With out professional fuel delivery service on your side, you can focus on what matters most - creating top-quality content.


Small Fuel Deliveries

If you need an emergency fuel or oil delivery, SETSUPPLIES can deliver our wide range of fuels to your set / production within just a few hours. 

Small deliveries of up to 1000ltrs. Ideal for sparks or facilities generators that are on location or unit base..

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Emergency Deliveries

We know how important a quick and reliable delivery is for any business that relies on fuel for their daily operations. Fortunately, our emergency delivery service has helped thousands of productions to stay on track by keeping disruption to an absolute mimimum.

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Film & TV Production Set Fuel Supplies

At SETSUPPLIES we understand the fuel demands of the film and TV industry and so we provide a fast and efficient service enabling us to cater for every aspect of your needs. When it comes to filming on-location, we fully understand that fuel can be a huge expense, from running generators to moving facilities vehicles.
At SETSUPPLIES, we have the experience of working with a diverse client base, including film studios and film production companies to handle a variety of projects, each with their own distinct requirements.

HVO Fuel Supplies

HVO Fuel

What are the advantages?

HVO fuel has lower emissions compared to fossil fuels, reducing environmental impact.
HVO fuel can improve engine performance and increase fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs.
HVO fuel is produced from renewable feedstocks, making it a more sustainable energy source.
HVO fuel is compatible with existing diesel engines, making it easier to adopt.

HVO fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a renewable diesel alternative with 90% lower net GHG emissions. HVO fuel is available for delivery across the UK with same day & next day delivery. 


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